Monument Preservation Restoration

Joseph Anderson said of a Cemetery...

… it is a memorial and a record. It is not a mere field in which the dead are stowed away unknown; it is a touching and beautiful history, written in family burial plots, in mounded graves, in sculptured and inscribed monuments. It tells the story of the past, not of its institutions, or its wars, or its ideas, but of its individual lives,--of its men and women and children, and of its household. It is silent, but eloquent; it is common, but it is unique. We find no such history elsewhere; there are no records in all the wide world in which we can discover so much that is suggestive, so much that is pathetic and impressive.

At Centennial Preservation we view the conservation of cemeteries and monuments as one of our most important charges. We have the utmost respect for not only the people and events represented by the monuments, but also the artistry of the original creators of the monument. With this view we only utilize the gentlest methods of cleaning and repairing with our commitment first and foremost being to cause no harm and preserve the monuments so that future generations can appreciate them and learn their stories.

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